A wound is an injury to the skin, which can develop to various degrees, from a small cut to a very deep ulcer which may even go as far as the bone. The wounds may be complex when they are secretory, or non-secretory but inflamed or infected. There are many types of wounds, caused by:

1. Diabetes
2. Venous insufficiency
3. Arterial insufficiency
4. Trauma
5. Burns
6. Ulcers caused by radiation
7. Most frequent: pressure sores

Following correct diagnosis of the cause of the wound and its duration, the clinic constructs a unique program for the patient, to include removal of the problematic cause and initiation of the appropriate treatment, to achieve complete healing.
We use all available technologies related to various types of dressings, including:
Pads, ointments, gels, etc. as well as advanced equipment.

Correct integration of all these factors serves to achieve complete, rapid healing of the wound and prevent recurrence.

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