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  Podiatrist - podiatry???

Podiatry is a medical specialty focusing on the feet, and is regarded world-wide as an integral part of the medical setup of every reputable medical institution, such as hospitals, primary care, etc. The podiatrist, who is trained in academic medicine and holds a license from his country of origin to practice in this field, diagnoses and treats all the conditions, distortions and diseases associates associated with the feet, as distinct from the orthopedist, who deals with the entire human skeletal structure. This is a unique field, because it treats only specific organs of the body, including surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedics and general medicine, so that those who practice this profession must have a command of each and every one of these disciplines and apply their knowledge to the feet. A podiatrist, as part of a multidisciplinary system, may combine these disciplines and/or refer for additional medical treatment to other professionals, who appreciate the advantage of the contribution of this specialist to their own specific fields. The subject is taught in reputable universities in countries such as England, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the Unites States of America. The studies are supervised by national councils, affiliated to the Ministry of Health of the particular country, and it is these councils who grant recognition and governmental license to the professional.

Wisefeet Clinic

The Foot and Wound Treatment Centre provides unique professional treatments to anyone in the population who suffers from whatever problem relating to the feet. The therapeutic team is led by the podiatrist. Daniel A. Weisz, Graduate in podiatry from th University of Westminster, London. His duties: Founder and President of the Israel Podiatrists and Chiropodists Association, Director of the Podiatry Unit at Bikur Holim Hospital, Advisor on podiatry to the officer in charge of the Orthopedic Clinic and Director of the clinic in the Israel.

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