The clinic makes use of all existing advanced technologies, with regard both to disposable equipment and to medical instruments, in order to bring about rapid and complete recovery.
sdsd   limb Oxygen Cabin
application of oxygen under pressure to the injured area stimulates the wound. Treatment is performed for about 90 minutes every other day, and applies to any wound, whatever its origin, but it is unsuitable for deep necrotic wounds.
sdsd   BST
New Israeli technology that produces an electric field around the wound thus hastening the healing process.
sadasdas   VAC
Helps to promote the production of new cells by local application of negative pressure thus drawing the wound to complete closure. Assists in the removal of subdermal liquids and infections.
dasdsa   Lasers
Stimulate the production of skin and other cells, increases cell division, the production of endorphins and lymphocytic activity, thus strengthening the immune system.
dasdasd   DH shoes/boots – to spread weight
These shoes are used during the treatment period. They allow normal walking, and remove part of the footplate in the area of the wound, to relieve pressure and aid in wound healing. .
sadasd   Dressings
There are many different kinds of dressings, and each is designed for a specific stage (were necessary)during the treatment of the chronic, or even necrotic, wound (or ulcer).
After correct diagnosis of the type of wound and the rate of its development, a policy regarding the dressing is established, appropriate to the particular type of wound. Wound dressing is an integral part of the entire treatment. .
asdasdas   Consultation – Second Opinion
A second opinion and additional advice can be obtained at the clinic through advanced technologies/ the media, such as:
1. E-mail – giving a detailed description of the condition + digital photographs + documents.
2. 3rd generation phones may be used to transmit the problem from the field and obtain a direct second opinion for continuation of treatment.
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